A day spent in bed

Yesterday I looked like this:

Dress from Tiger of Sweden (adlink) and heels from Mango. After an after work with the colleagues I had dinner att NOI, oysters, champagne, beets with goat cheese and chocolate fondant. They really have an incredible menu. Friday tiredness really got to me and it turned into an early night.

When I woke up at eight this morning the plan was to workout and have brunch, but a massive headache hit me so I decided to stay in bed. It is not often one wears pyjamas for a whole day but I needed it. I think this week really took me down and now the brain need some time to recover and reload. I have just stayed in bed reading books. Now I am gonna put on a moisture mask and take a walk in the sun before picking up the children. I have made a reservation at a favourite restaurant tonight, I am looking forward to go out and eat just the three of us. They think it is so much fun, although it will not be a very long sitting :- )

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