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When are you going to become less black/white with your opinions? Haven’t you learned by now that life also has grey areas and that you have to be humble before things happen and not just afterwards.

As I get older, I realise life is less black and white. I used to be very quick at deciding “this is how it is now” or “now it’s like this”. It’s the second part about being a doer and making a lot of things happen in life. The older I get, the more respect I have for how complicated life and relationships are. It’s really important for me to always questions my opinions and be brave enough to re-think. It’s a process I’m hoping to carry with me throughout life. I want personal growth to be a continuous thing.

Don’t your legs get cold?

Hehe. I read the comments about not wearing socks in my shoes during winter or have bare feet. First of all, I hate socks. That’s why I started Flattered in the first place. So that I wouldn’t have to use socks indoors or when I’m visiting others. I’m also never out and about in my work-clothes for very long, I’m usually in a taxi or in meetings. In the evenings when I’m out for dinner I’d rather not wear tights. I’d never wear see-through tights in my life. Either thin black ones in 20 denn or I use a cream with a bit of shimmer on my legs.

You always wear gorgeous outfits, it’s incredible. Do you still have a personal shopper or whoever it was who sorted out your outfits. So lovely!

Yes, Sascha is employed in one of the business. Her role is 50% stylist and 50% photographer. Having someone to do both is fantastic. Also perfect for all our travels

You still haven’t told us what you do with your make up when you’re working out? Surely the hair can’t be that fresh if you work out four times a week?! Aren’t you like the rest of us and get a sweet tooth? Or want pizza after you’ve partied. It feels like your life is very strict and boring.

I mainly work-out in the morning before I get my make-up done. If I work-out at lunch, it’s usually yoga which doesn’t make me sweat so it doesn’t matter then if I’m wearing make-up. I wash my hair 2-3 times per week and in between I use dry shampoo. I don’t sweat a lot despite intense exercise, so my hair is nice anyway. Regarding your question if I get a sweet-tooth? Of course, but I would never eat pizza, sweets, crisps, fries etc because there’s nothing good in that and my body wouldn’t feel good. I need a lot of energy and that means I have to eat properly. When I do treat myself it’s usually dark chocolate, ice-cream or lovely deserts at a restaurant. I don’t need to eat the whole meal. Life I wrote yesterday, I’m moderate. Yesterday I had half a chocolate truffle and today I think I’m having chocolate fondant at the place we’re going to but it’s enough with a few bites and then I’m happy. I think that’s the key.

Out of curiosity, are you dating “the same” guy you were a while back or do you get asked out on other dates?

I’m seeing the same guy, but I’m taking everything very slow. Though, we’ve been seeing each other for a while. We were both in NYC, Maldives, Copenhagen and most recently Italy together. It’s not so easy to date me because I don’t really want a normal daily life. My kids and my businesses are always a priority. Love gets to be a bonus in life because I’m so happy with mine. I can see a future where I live with the kids in a much larger house on Lidingö and have my ground-service outsourced and a live-in au pair. My other relationships should be fun, challenge and rewarding. We can travel together, hang out in my second house at the French Riviera (a goal of mine) – Have time to exchange ideas both big and small. But I’m not looking for someone to share my life with and I’m very clear about that. Tonight we’re going out for dinner, which I’m looking forward to. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve met.

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