Löwengrip HQ

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We are having a big after work here tonight, I will show you the final pictures of the office:

Today you will see where the majority of the staff at Löwengrip is sitting. This room is the biggest office space with 12 seats (the number will probably be higher i the future since we are growing constantly). The room has a more cozy part with an open fireplace. Chairs from SoffaDirekt(adlink), coffee table from Caroline Ek, carpet Classic Collection, the pictures in the background are from Desenio. The wall colour is Jotun LADY in the colour Tidlös 1024, the curtains are from Himla! Stolar and hight adjustable desks from AJ Produkter.

This room is so incredible! The cool view over Stureplan and the amazing open fireplace. We had help from the interior decorator Emma Berg Jonsson with the selection of furniture and wall colours. Here she chose to divide the room with two different colours to create a sense of more space. The darker colour you have here Jotun LADY 1877 Vallmofrö. Below you find new pictures of parts of the lounge the lounge!

Chairs (adlink), and coffee tables (adlink), carpet, plaid and pillow from Classic Collection. The wall is Jotun LADY 5044 Blåis. At last down the hall LCC have four office spaces. Here we have painted with the colour 5452 Nordic Breeze. You will find the table lamps here!

– This post contain sponsored products –

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