Little Black Dress

I’ve never been particularly interested in fashion but I love the classic look. I think it’s fun and inspiring to look at outfits worn by Birgitte Bardot or Princess Diana. I love googling images of their outfits. I’ve been looking for this black dress with the straight cut. Styelin are going to release a top in June with that kind of cut. I wore it at a dinner a little while ago if you remember?

It’s been difficult to find more dresses like this one, but I think this can work:

.. It’s from here (adlink). Tomorrow, we have an After Work here at the office with our franchise-friend Maria Nila and then I have a date-night so it will be a perfect outfit for the evening. It’s a lot of fun working with Sascha who is my stylist. We talk about looks and exchange ideas together. She’ll tell me about ideas and I’ll tell her what I feel and then we meet somewhere in the middle. It’ll be a light spring with beige, camel and sometimes black. I don’t like patterns or a look that’s too cool. Instead, I want to keep it timeless, high quality and feminine (Not romantic/girly).

I’m in heels from morning until evening (except for when I’m with the kids) and it works if your heels are comfortable – I also think the kitten-heel height is perfect. The trick when it comes to a higher heels is that the heel itself shouldn’t rest too far out on the heel but further in. It gives you better support that way. Then of course, it’s about getting the foot used to it. After Sally was born it felt impossible to walk in heels, but now I can walk in most. I love the sound heels over floorboards. I love it almost as much as when I hit the gas on my Porsche. Two things in my daily-life that makes me excited!

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