Four Months

Things are happening with my body! I feel strong and I’ve gotten a good stamina. I started working out at the beginning of January and I’ve kept it up at least four times a week. It’s been four months now and I struggle to go back to daily life without exercise. When I don’t have the kids, I begin my day at Sturebadet, I never work-out more than 45 minutes. Half the time I run and the other half do weights. I usually end up doing 1-2 exercises each time but becase I’m there for a bit three mornings in a row, I can work through my whole body during a week.
When I have the kids, I make sure I have a lunchtime session during those days. I usually do yoga with Fitness-collection. This week I’ve managed two yoga sessions and it’s wonderful. I love combining stamina with intervals, weights and yoga. It’s a winning concept for me.

Exercise clothes from Lululemon. Today I did ashtangayoga during lunch in Vasastan.

When it comes to my diet, it’s basically just as usual. On a normal week day I might have two eggs in the morning with keso or lots of fresh berries and keso. I’m obsessed with keso. Sometimes I mix it up with oatmeal porridge with fresh blueberries and oatmilk. I eat almost all my lunches at restaurants so it’s usually either a nice salad or a fish-meal. For dinner it’s almost always plant-based unless I’m eating out and then I’m trying to think like I do at lunch. I love everything that’s green so it’s pretty easy for me to eat healthily. Of course I treat myself to good things to, usually half a glass of wine three evenings when I’m out. It might sound like a lot but all in all it’s rare that I drink more than 2-3 glasses of wine in a week. I have a bit of dark chocolate every day and sometimes I’ll have desert. I’m naturally good at being moderate. I’ve never had rules or been hard on myself, it’s probably one of the reasons for my moderate behaviour. When everything is allowed you never need to ”fill up while you can”

Anyway, next step is to start working with a PT. I need a bit of help to get my exercising to the next level. I love weights but I need some help with the technique and how to best plan a session when you only have a certain amount of time. I love the exercise and especially how it makes me feel. After each session I mentally feel like superwoman, calm and ready for everything.

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