Pingis 40 years!

I bounced out of bed after five hours of sleep, got to the gym and ran intervals. However, my shin is sore, is that not a typical newbie thing, to push yourself a little too far? I am thinking about going to Löplabbet today to buy proper shoes for running, I run five times a week after all. There are so many theories about the shoes you run in, I love it when the shoes have a lot of support, but many tell me that you should run with as little support as possible or barefoot even. Hmm…

Anyway, there was excitement at the office today, we were waiting for Pingis who turns 40:

Everyone who could had gathered in the conference room and we were ready to surprise her big time. It was a success!

Lots of decorations!

And in she came! In workout clothes and all. She recieved a gold hat and then we sang loudly, toasted and held speeches.

Our beloved Pingis! She is the most generous and helpful person I know and she always has a smile on her lips. A sentence that describes Pingis in a nutshell is ”How hard can it be?”. Everything is possible and that belief is something that unites us.

She got a gift from me, the clue was ”step by step we are building companies”.

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