Big changes

I love it how the days vary so much, it is fittings for coming trips and events, we start a new company within the corporate family, plan PR in Olso tomorrow and we are just about to invest in a new and exciting science company that has to to with newborns. Between that we eat cake and sing ABBA. High pace, many balls in the air that depend on a strong team where we all help each other out but still always have fun.

Today’s outfit, polo from Massimo Dutti, jeans from Wakakuu, bag Prada and heels from Jennie Ellen (adlink). 

Not only do things happen here, but privately as well. I had lunch date with a person that I care very much about, but not just that. I have reconnected with a person who has not been a part of my life this six past years.

Life is strange and amazing.