All this time!

The first day when I leave the children I always get a little chock efter about 3 pm when I realise that I have all this time to spare. The doer kicks in and wants to to everything, who should I book a meeting with? What work do I have that has not been dealt with? Who do I wanna have dinner with? Which spa-treatments have I not tried yet? What kind I workout should I do? Buy a new book? The possibilities are endless. 90 % of my child free days are already booked for summer but every now and then one of these evenings arise. I don’t think i have ever gone home for the evening with nothing do at 6 pm. For me that is a waste of time. There is so many fun things to do.

What did I end up doing? Calm workout, a lot of stretching and dinner at Tako with a friend that ended way too late. Cold chablis and sashimi is not too bas a Monday night!

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