Combine personal goals with your career

Something that I have realized over the years is that the best career is the one where you combine your personal goals with your work. Time is short and there is so much that you want to do. It is difficult to have two roads parallell to each other. It would have been difficult for me to have personal goals such as becoming a great cook, famous interior designer or novelist if the goals in my work had nothing to do with them. Then the feeling of insufficiency would hit me because I already focus 100% on my work goals.

My advice is that you make a plan of your personal goals. What are you dreaming about? Write it down and try to see to that the journey you do in your job helps you achieve your private goals. It is something you definately can talk with your boss about. It could sound something like ”Today I work as a Market Administrator but my goal is to become Marketing Director, how can we make that happen?” We have just had such a career journey here at our office.

Other goals could be to get better at talking in front of people, talking to your boss about getting more opportunities to practice. Or maybe you are dreaming about something that is outside of the office’s walls, maybe you want to be free on Fridays to spend time with your children? Or you want to be able to leave earlier in order to do some activity. How can you find a way to make it possible? Good bosses can help you with Work Life Balance because we know that you perform better if you are happier. What I want to communicate is that you should try to combine your personal goals with your career. They will be easier to fulfill and then your everyday life will get so much fun.

Knitted sweater (adlink) and skirt Ralph Lauren, shoes Mango (adlink). 

I have built my entire corporate family based on my interests. I thought that if I am to be a entrepreneur, I would like to choose industry with care. I have always loved beauty and now I get to create my own products, wear my own shoes, invest in a clothing brand, fill my wine fridge with champagne that I have invested in, own a contraceptive without hormones, work out via Fitnesscollection, start a company that helps other entrepreneurs (Nordic Tech House). The other day I got to try a product we will build within Nordic Tech House this spring, I look forward to that!

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