Today, I am feeling better, thank goodness. I fell asleep with my two children at 9.30pm last night. Today we had a nice and cozy morning together:

The children watched a movie, munched on sandwiches and painted me pictures. I took the opportunity to read a few articles in Vanity Fair. When I went to get coffee and came back, I realized that it was time to go outside:

”Creative chaos”

At 9.30am we put on some warm clothes and went outside to play. I always tell my children to be polite towards all the people they meet, to be calm at restaurants/public places and to dress without making a fuss. I would be in shock if the children suddenly ran away from me in a store or started yelling at a restaurant. That does not happen. Sometimes I have had to wait a couple of minutes when one of them have refused to put their overalls on, but I have always been consistent and today they know that they have to get dressed when I say so. Otherwise we sit there and wait.

However, there are a few occasions/situations where I have not been as consistent, for example: picking up their toys at the end of the day, taking away there plates after dinner and sometimes I have given them yogurt when they have not eaten their dinner. When it comes to sleeping, I always allow them to sleep with me. All of the above are things that I need to address. But I really like to have them sleeping in my bed. Also, I have not stressed about the children using diapers. Gillis stopped this last summer and I thought I would start potty training Sally this summer. Maybe it is a little late according to some?

Long underwear from Hanro, pants from J.Lindeberg. Shoes Flattered.

We brought some of yesterday’s chocolate balls outside, even tastier today.

When we got home, we turned our kitchen into a Beauty bar. Everyone’s nails were painted (the toes as well) in some lovely pink and red shades. Then we had banana pancakes with a healthier version of Nutella and some raspberries. So tasty. Now we are going to watch a movie!

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