Home all day

We have been doing basically nada today. I feel bad that the children have not gone outside the house, but I have not had the energy with my sore throat. I like to get out and do things on the weekends so this is probably the first time that we have not even gone out to some park nearby. But they will probably survive. We have been reading books, baked chocolate balls. We went up to the big bed after lunch. Sally fell asleep right away but Gillis and I laid beside her and watched Sune i Grekland, The children becomes so helpful when they see that I am not well. I hope that I have more energy tomorrow.

Now the fourth movie of the day awaits before it is time for dinner. I have no food-help on weekends but the children have their meals prepared so you can just heat it up. Today it is more cod with mashed potatoes or halloumi casserole with rice, and also vegetables and healthy dessert. I am so grateful to have help with the food on the child-days. I have been thinking about how to take that part to another level. I know many of you are asking about which company I use but I have hired a person. There are many new companies on the market that could do the same and offer that service. Hemfrid, Fedora, mat.se could offer that service so I put those ideas on ice. But the entrepreneur fingers are itching!

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