Sick at home

The plan today was to go to the office for some work this morning, but that did not happen. My throat was extremely swollen when I woke up at 8am so I told my team that I would be staying home for the day. I set the alarm on 1pm and I slept until then. That is not like me. I am going to pick the children up at 4pm so it felt good to sleep in. Now I am going to have a bite to eat and work some from home before it is time to pick them up from daycare. I miss them!

I have not posted the pictures from yesterday’s conversation with Dermarome. Pingis was supposed to moderate, it is so much easier to answer questions instead of lecturing yourself when your days are busy (I did over ten interviews yesterday). But Simon did it instead and it went really well. The theme of the day was ”Empowered by beauty” so I talked about the digital journey of building Löwengrip.

Have a nice Friday! 

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