My day at home

It has been a calm day. I have spent the majority of it in bed sleeping, working for a bit and picked up the children. I was not the most fun mum today, we watched Sune, laid puzzles, snuggled on the couch with the iPad and ate strawberries with chocolate on, it had to do.

Today’s breakfast, eggs, cottage cheese with chili flakes and a lot of berries (fresh blueberries, blackberries and frozen mango) with some more cottage cheese topped with cardamom. I kind of get hung up on different kinds of breakfast. It has been smoothies/bowls for a a long time now but after I started eating eggs and fish again, I eat it all the time now. So tasty.

I do not watch tv-series that much anymore since I started living alone, I have seen about two since the divorce nearly a year ago ( oh my God time flies!). I have seen Bron and today I started to watch this; Silicon Valley. Perfect level when you’re ill. Otherwise I love to read every night.

For dinner I had help here at home, we had fresh cod, a healthy salad on the side for me and mashed potatoes for the children. Then we dipped strawberries in chocolate and coconut flakes for cozy Friday snacks! Now my beloved children are sleeping and I am gonna continue watching another episode of Silicon Valley and go to sleep early. Hugs!

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