I made it!

Yesterday I woke up with a soar throat from hell. I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva. I had a glass by the bed to spit in, so horrible. I could not swallow any water either. I felt a huge ”typical” but I acted by calling a doctor and postponing som interviews. I new that I was gonna win Sweden’s most powerful women in trade and industry 2018 later that night. Interviews with the award waited during the day, and then gala in the evening oil midnight and a long Thursday with the alarm set to 5 AM for tv-interviews, radio and an event with Åhlens. One of our most important retailers.

I shoved a hugd dose of cortisone and paracetamol and just speed up the pace. I have a psyche made of steel so I can get through most things, which has its pros and its cons of course. I did it all during these two days. Full speed yesterday and a 15 hour day today. But after the event tonight I treated myself to this:

…A huge plate with creamy truffle pasta at my favvie spot Bardot. Lovely. Now I have just gotten home and I am gonna take a shower, eat mint chocolate and read the new issue of Mama. Tomorrow aim gonna sleep until 8-9 AM and office till noon, then a spa visit and I will pick up the children for a weekend with them. I have my mind set on that I may get sick during the weekend since the cortisone just put it on pause. But you know what? It was worth it.

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