Vouge House

In a little while, I will meet Amazon together with my e-commerce team and we are going to go trough how Löwengrip is going to work. They invite brands to educate them in that process, we are categorized as Luxury Beauty. We start with Amazon UK and Amazon DE (Germany). In Germany, I can disclose that we have ideas on campaigns such as ”Beauty and Bubbles”. Styling products and a cold Guldkula champagne will be delivered within one hour. Fun!

Pants Stylein, shoes Stinaa J

Yesterday Löwegrip had a meeting at Vogue. We talked about our how our shares Löwengrip/Flattered/Stylein and Guldkula champagne can be partners to events, subscription gifts etc. The office was incredibly beautiful but unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos. Afterwards we had dinner with Löwengrip + Brandbassador, I will tell you more about that after lunch. One of the guests was Thomas Hayes, more known as William from the tv series Skam.

Talk to you later!

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