BB + Löwengrip

Yesterday, Löwengrip and Brandbassador had an influencer dinner at Shoreditch House, a members club/hotel in London. Brandbassador is a company that Pingis and I have invested in. It is a platform based on invites, if you have over 3000 followers, you can be elected and then there are several campaigns you can choose from. The company is based in London and has thousands of influencers from 80 different countries. I have known one of the founders, Thomas Adams, for seven years and I am proud to be a part of his second journey. Earlier, he and his colleagues Ole Fjelberg started Onepiece, which became a huge success.

Löwengrip is one of many brands that can be found in Brandbassador and therefore we hosted a dinner last night together with some influencers in London. They had around 20.000 – 1,2 million followers. I talked about how to build a company around your channels. We had an amazing evening together with lots of energy and laughter, and it was great to meet the actor Thomas Hayes (William in the tv series Skam). We talked about life in the public eye, how to handle constantly being scrutinized and judged. Thomas was a little shy but I perceived him as wise and he seems to have a big heart. It is going to be exciting to follow his journey.

If you are interested in joining Brandbassador, you can apply here! We will have a big event in March again. Now I going to pick up the children!

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