Morning run in Hyde Park

Sheila and I had a wonderful Sunday yesterday. We strolled around in London, enjoyed the sun, drank coffee and ate lots of tasty treats. As usual, you can see more of my days on Instastory, I update there almost 24/7 (when I am not sleeping of course). We were back at the hotel at 4pm and then I had a bath and read, one of my favorite things to do in life. It became extra fun later when we were getting ready for dinner because my makeup-artist Emelie had bought:

For years, I had the goal of getting my makeup done every morning, and that is my reality now. Cool to be able to cross that off my list. However, Emelie can not join me on all my trips (yet) so I needed something new to bring with me. I will show you later what products Emelie use on me. Sheila and I had a blast going through all the products, it was so much fun.

At 7pm, we had dinner at Sexy Fish by Berkeley Square. Amazing place, a real party place with good Asian food. Highly recommended! My dress comes from Filippa K and heels from Stinaa J.

This morning the alarm clock was set on 6.30am, Sheila packed her suitcase (she left early today) and I put my running shoes on and ran toward Hyde Park. I did 25 minutes of jogging and then intervals. So much fun! The feelings you get afterwards are amazing. I look forward to running all over the world.

Now I am at the hotel and getting my hair blow-dried, soon we will have a management meeting at the hotel. We have a LCC team here who has also spent their weekend in London like me, some are on their way here now. Today we have meetings with Löwengrip and tonight we are having dinner with a company that Pingis and I have invested in – Brandbassador. We will tell them about Löwengrip and how we work in social media with Brandbassador. I always think in ecosystems when we invest, the companies must be able to benefit from each other.

Fun Monday!

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