Löwengrip in London

It is easy to forget to celebrate milestones in the company. Like now. Today, the entire e-commerce team in Löwengrip (we change name in May) is here in London. Just being here is a big deal. That we meet with pharmacies, Net-a-Porter, Vouge and that we are going to spend tomorrow together with Amazon and their training program for suppliers. Another big deal for us is that we are a team of many in place. Home in Stockholm, our colleagues sit and work on their own which is cool. We have different departments today with our 25 employees. It is a pinch-yourself-in-the-arm-moment.

Here, Pingis and I have sat in all of the stages of the company. We who are here now are Lina (Online and Sales Manager), Hannah (Brand Manager), Jennifer, Denise (both responsible for e-commerce) and Sascha who document everything.

It is +7 degrees and the sun is shining – Spring feelings deluxe. Talk to you later!

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