One night in London

It is to typical Sheila and I to go to bed way too late, but still wake up energized at 7am. But one night with a few hours of sleep is no big deal when we have an entire day off and we do not have our children with us. We have traveled a lot together and realized that we are two energetic people who do not want to sleep in. In theory we want that, but we have never done it. This morning we went downstairs for breakfast just when they opened the restaurant, we sat and talked for hours, ate a little now and then and had cozy conversations by the fireplace. Now, however, we have some time to send some emails before we go out and enjoy London (it is sunny here today!). It is nice that Sheila also brought work with her.

Yesterday Pingis, Sheila and I landed at 7pm local time, changed clothes in my room and toasted in champagne with Pingis’ boyfriend David and his friend Andreas. It is so luxurious to travel with my best friend and closest colleague. This is actually our second trip together. Pingis, David, Sheila and I were in the Italian alps together a few weeks ago. Here in London, we live in our favorite hotel (Pingis and I are creatures of habit), Knightsbridge Hotel. We love the location, I so look forward to run in Hyde Park. Knightsbridge is a small boutique hotel, few but personal rooms.

Yesterday, we had a dinner at COYA which is located in Mayfair, we were eight people and it was quite loud but fun. I wore a dress from Ralph Lauren. It was so expensive when I bought it in NYC but now it is becoming a more sensible cost per use – The advantage of classic pieces that you do not get tired of. I added a belt from Valerie yesterday and a bag from Chanel. My bracelet is a black leather bracelet from Bottega Veneta that I received as a gift, I like that it is a little edgier and that it contrasts the feminine.

Later we got a table at the Cuckoo Club. The last time I was here I was 20 years old and then I met that London guy I told you about a few years ago. Everything started at the bar and then he came with me to Sweden and lived with me in my little one-room flat and celebrated New Years Eve. Talk about short but intense crush. Yesterday when I we got to the club and saw the bar all the great memories came back to me, I have had so much fun! When Sheila and I returned to the hotel at approximately 3am, she took a bath and I sat in the bathroom and put a face mask on and drank lots of resorb. Always a winning concept.

Now it is time for us to enjoy London!

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