My first principle

Today I took a bath and continued to read Ray Dalio’s ”Principles”. One of the best books I have ever read. I have thought about my own principles in life and I have started to write them down, but I need more time to let the number grow. I have realized during the course of the book that I have quite a few principles that I follow. I have my working methods that always serve as a basis for how I act and work.

Here is my first principle:

Learn how to sprint and to slow down, but above all the optimal relationship in between. This will improve your average speed.

I have been working out since the beginning of the year and that has helped me realize this. My favorite type of exercise is to run intervals, not so strange considering the way I live my life. One of my biggest strengths is my ability to switch gears and run very, very fast. I am born a doer and I have worked up a pace in my life. A while ago, I wrote that I think I work faster than most people. It annoyed many, but I did not mean that I personally write twice as many emails in one day but rather that I am good at delegating to others and make things happen. As an entrepreneur I quickly realized my limits in the 24 hours of the day. Already at the age of 16 I brought an assistant to school to streamline everything, I mixed lessons and work and she could help me with the emails/meetings.

In addition to building an organization that makes things happen quickly, my own pace is also crucial. I might not write twice as many emails in a day as the average person, but I know that each extra hour I spend on work will help me get further. When others went to parties when I was younger – I worked, when some people watch series – I work. When some people scroll through Instagram in the evenings – I work until I fall asleep. Always choosing work first, and doing so for many years, obviously means that I am ahead of other 27 year-olds. I have worked more.

But as important it is to sprint and to build an organization that keep the same pace – it is also important to know when to slow down. I love to run so fast on the treadmill that I barely manage it, but I also know the importance of not running for too long, I need to slow down and walk for a minute or two even though I want more. I need to rest and recharge mentally to be able to run again. When I get good at intervals, my average speed will increase and now I am not just talking about the treadmill but about work as well.

Many are skilled at keeping a high pace in their career but do not manage it in the long run. It is all about finding your personal relation to sprinting and slowing down, something that is sustainable for you – It will always lead to you increasing your average speed. Living like this is one of my most important principles.

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