The days flew by

Oh my, these days with the children flew by quickly. Wednesday – today felt like no time at all. Sometimes when I drop the children off, I feel OK and that it will be nice to be able to sleep in or dive into work, but sometimes I am not emotionally ready to let them go. Today was one of those days. I would have needed several more days just because we have had so much fun. My intelligent, lovely children. I am starting to long for when we switch to every other week, one week feels so much easier than three days. Right now it feels stressful. Sally had just turned 2 when we separated and a child psychologist gave us the advice not to separate her from one parent for more than three days at a time until she turned 3. Now, afterwards, I am glad we followed that advice. There has never been a sad evening where the children miss their father, but they got into the routines quickly. This summer we switch to every other week.

Now, London awaits. I will be there until Tuesday. I land in Stockholm again in time to pick the children up at daycare. Talk about some good planning. The trip is a mix of work and leisure. Tonight I am going to have dinner with Sheila (who is flying with me now), Pingis and Nicole (who are already in London), Pingis’ boyfriend and his friends. Tomorrow Sheila and I will have a Sunday by ourselves but then I have a business dinner in the evening. On Monday my colleagues fly here and then Löwengrip has a dinner. On Tuesday we meet with Amazon and then I fly back home. Fun!

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