Tips when you are styling your hair!

In partnership with Löwengrip

Oh! I have had such a good Friday. Nordic Tech House had a meeting at my place from 9am-1pm. It is nice to get away from the office now and then. We took a walk in the sun during our lunch break and talked about work. We are so excited for our first real active year. Fun! Then I drove everyone to the office and after that I have had a Friday meeting with my colleagues and soon Breakit will be here for an interview. One more fun thing is that Löwengrip is launching a new styling shampoo and conditioner today;

Protein & Texture – Styling Shampoo and Conditioner! Here are some facts from our chemists: They are our first products in a new styling series, whose main focus is to add texture, create volume with a long-lasting result. The series is enriched with caring and repairing proteins and Alpha Hydroxy Acid that helps to remove dead skin cells. Panthenol preserves moisture deep inside of the hair, which creates a thickening effect with volume inside and out. Biotinyl Tripeptide-1 increases blood supply to the hair follicles, which stimulates growth and improves quality, and enhances the structure in the hair, which becomes more resistant to mechanical and thermal stress.

When I created the series (together with the scientists), the purpose was to find a shampoo and conditioner that creates a foundation for sustainable styling of your hair. We have a fantastic series called The Cure that provides a lot of moisture and repairs, but if you want (like me) – To have nice-looking, styled hair that will look good for several days, you need to start in the shower. The protein builds up the hair and gives it more texture, then it is much easier to shape the hair. Now, when I am styling my hair, the volume stays until I wash it out. Completely amazing. You find the series here!

In partnership with Löwengrip

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