When you live alone with the children you get to be creative. I get a burst of energy in the evenings sometimes, escpecially days like yesterday where you get adrenaline kicks during the day. When I was living with my ex-husband, I just put my shoes on and went out for a run. The days when I have the children I have tried to do yoga in the evenings in order to calm down but usually I need to run intervals, that is my best advice on ”shutting down the brain”. Anyway, now I have a treadmill in the garage. However, my house is quite large (230 sqm) and if the children should wake up I do not hear them. But now the problem is solved;

…Baby alarm! So yesterday I listened to Beyonce and ran without worrying about the children. I love life hacks. Now I have dropped the children off at daycare, we rode our bikes in spite of the snow. They love it. Now I will spend the rest of my morning with Nordic Tech House here at home!

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