Norrbotten Media Week

Today, when we landed in Luleå, we were met by an amazing winter wonderland, sunny but cold. We went straight to Kulturhuset where I was interviewed by Norrbottens Affärer, then I took part in a conversation on stage, live radio and two more interviews. A full schedule, but great fun. I was asked why both Simon and Sascha was with me, Simon is my right hand and go-to guy in everything I do – Both when it comes to the four companies but also when it comes to the brand/all the media. During the trip we have time to go through a lot so it is much more effective to travel together.

Then he has a corresponding role as ”press secretary”, sometimes sensitive questions that we have not approved slip through and then he can intervene. It has been necessary several times (How are the children feeling after the divorce? What do you think about O dating X?) Not at all relevant. Also, he helps me between commitments. It does not work to coordinate everything by yourself when you have to perform. Sascha photographs all the content for my channels, she is incredibly talented. It is nice to be able to focus on what to say instead of having to get the camera out and document everything.

So beautiful!

I was moved when a women came up to me and told me she had read the blog post yesterday about my bad conscience for the children. She gave me a hug and two gifts for Sally and Gillis that we can play with tonight. You put them in some water and after a few days they will hatch. What lovely people there are out there!

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