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Good morning to you,

What a difference it is on the time spent in the bathroom when the children are here versus when the children are not here. But today I have my makeup artist Emelie who does my makeup almost everyday at the office. That makes my mornings less stressful. More focus on breakfast with Gillis and Sally. My best beauty tips are pretty simple. My best routine is exfoliating/scrubbing the body, face and lips twice a week, and I moisturize generously every day. If I shower in the morning, I use our Balance my skin because it is absorbs into the skin so quickly, I hate it when you have product messing up your clothes when you are getting dressed. But in the evening I like to use some kind of body oil. I like LCC’s own one. I also I apply serum generously to my face and sleep with The Cure hair mask once a week. In addition to that, I drink a lot of water and moisturize my hands and cuticles with oil/cream several times a day. I am a real moisture-junkie when I come to think about it. But as soon as I exfoliate less or moisturize less, neither the skin nor the hair has the same glow. It is visible at once.

Another trick I have is self-tanning lotion. I usually use Vita Liberata or James Read (a great overnight sleeping mask). But now I am actually in the process of making my own self-tanners, it will be a tan-mist and tan-drops for the face that you mix with your face cream. They are amazing! There will also be a styling/protein shampoo and conditioner released in February, perfect for when you want to have great-looking hair. The hair will get some nice volume and look a bit preppy instantly. Should I choose between a nice makeup and nice hair, it is always the hair that is prioritized. Healthy and well kept hair and nails do a lot for the whole, then you can get away with other things (such as late detection of toothpaste drool from one of the children).

The trick with nice hair is to set aside some time for right after you have washed it, do not style it at when it is dirty to ”conceal”. Use the correct styling products after washing, blow dry thoroughly, curl it if you want to and add some volume product to the scalp. It is always better to put some time into it in connection to washing it because then you have a great base to work with. During day two and three, you can add some dry shampoo. On day four I have it in a bun. I am trying not to wash my hair more than twice a week.

When I do not use LCC, I use La Mer, Paula’s Choice, Laura Mercier (body) and Jan Marini. I also like Exuviances face masks. For me beauty is an interest, but I like to keep it simple with a few steps and focus on the moisture. Maybe because my skin gets easily irritated if I experiment too much. My mother definitely sparked my beauty interest, I remember when she bought expensive nail polishes from Dior and Chanel even though her economy did not really allow it (she was a true Economista though) and how we sat there and had our manicures together at the kitchen table.

Now I am going to a photo shoot with the magazine A Perfect Guide. Talk to you later!

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