Krueger’s desk

Today I was at the beautiful Tändstickspalatset to be photographed for SvD:s magazine Perfect Guide. I am doing the interview tomorrow. I got to sit at Ivar Kreuger’s old desk, it felt powerful.

Here is Kreuger’s old study. So many gorgeous Malmstens-furniture.

Then I had to hurry down to the Police house in Solna to fix a new passport, it still says Spångberg in my old one. I get to travel to Milano on Friday using my old passport but hopefully the new one will be finished before I leave for New York in a week. I almost were not allowed into USA last week because of my stamp from Saudi Arabia, but now we are on track with how it works with all the visas. The world is not exactly adapted to travel regularly between Saudi and USA, it will be tricky next year with all the launches. Speaking of travelling, Italian alps awaits this weekend (Cervinia) with Pingis, David and Sheila. Next weekend I am in New York for business, Pingis and I are signing with an American distributor(!) and I am recording A Quest for Success.

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