The feeling I had when I left work today was that I had done everything up to 50%, but nothing was done 100%. Usually the feeling of inadequacy haunts me more than necessary, that is how I try to think of it. I got to daycare at 4.10pm, called on my way there and told them I were queues. I hate being late. But I took a deep breath and ”rebooted” before I picked the children up. A stressed parent is not fun. We stayed for a little while before we went home, their daycare center is so cozy. At home, we had vegetable soup and freshly baked bread on almond flour for dinner. We also had some sliced vegetables for snacks. By the way, there is a vegetarian liver paté with peas and Karl Johan mushrooms, which is a popular sandwich spread.

After a bath we snuggled up on my big bed and read some fairy tales. I want my children to practice different skills to enhance their vocabulary, but especially to boost their creativity. Our old picture books are not as funny anymore, but instead, the children get to describe the pictures in English, they really enjoy that. Then we have told stories to each other, that was probably the highlight of our evening. The common thread in our stories was Pippi Longstocking, pirates, Tommy and Annika, Spiderman and the Hulk. Sally has a harder time making up stories from her imagination, but then Gillis tries to help her ”Sally, can’t you tell us about when Pippi had her feet on the pillow?” And then she starts talking and mixing characters and crazy events. Great fun! I usually do a Daniel Tiger and weave in messages in my stories. Today it was about being courageous and strong even though you are little. Lately, it has been about how good it is with a dad-house and a mom-house. I try to vary it.

Now two hours of conference calls awaits! They are usually interrupted when I have to put the children to bed again, but then I put the phone conference on mute and in that way I can listen to the other participants. The children are used to me working from my phone during bedtime.

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