The new Löwengrip and Gillis at the office

This morning Gillis felt a little under the weather. He was at O’s office, which is next to mine, the first hour and at eleven I picked him up. He sat with us during one of our meetings, Gillis has all the calm genes that I do not so it is very easy to have him with us. We have had a design meeting with Good Luck Have Fun and it looks amazing. Löwengrip Care & Color becomes a new brand next year and will be called Löwengrip.

The old Löwengrip Care & Color and new Löwengrip. So exciting!

Shampoo and conditioner

Our pink series turns nude

This is how a shelf may look like in store…

… And like this when we have a whole store!

The mama look at the office, striped light blue shirt, mom-jeans and sneakers.

Ipad and marabou. Now Gillis and I will pick up Sally. We had some luck with this care of sick child-day because at lunchtime today our Christmas tree was delivered so now we will go home and decorate it 🙂

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