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Door number five in Kajson’s Christmas advent calendar: ”The perfect dinner according to me”

Because I travel a lot I thought I would share some of my favorite restaurants in Sweden and abroad instead. In Sweden I like Bardot because it is cozy and it feels like a living room, their truffle pasta is amazing. Also, you might as well go there for a drink. Ett Hem is Sweden’s most beautiful hotel and restaurant, I go there if I want something extra. Agrikultur is an experience if you like vegetarian food. Surfers have amazing flavors from Sichuan which can be fun to experience. If you like meat I would recommend AG, but unfortunately they do not have much to offer to vegetarians. Hillenberg has great brunches, the pancakes are especially good. However, my second home in Stockholm is Hotell Diplomat. There I eat all meals of the day, aw, meetings and drinks. Then I have two other loves, Oaxen Slip and Matbaren and Grand Hotell. Wow.

At restaurant Hummer in Copenhagen

In Lund I like På Skissernas. In Ystad I am always pleasantly surprised at Ystad Saltsjöbad. If I am in Växsjö, I go to the luxurious PM & Vänner. In Warzaw Concept 13 was amazing. In Marbella it is the vegan restaurant opposite Marbella Club that I want to eat at all the time, usually Pingis wants to do so as well. In London my absolute favorite place is Chiltern Firehouse, where I bumped into Orlando Bloom last spring. If we are in Paris, I like Hotel Costes.

Pasta on the island Ischias in Italy this summer, so good! A recommendation is to take a boat to another restaurant that is called Eden.

When I in Zürich, you need some time because their is this amazing hotel up in the mountains (it takes 20 minutes) called The Dolder Grand. Google it, it looks like a castle (someone took me there for a date there this year, I might tell you about that some other time). In Copenhagen I love Väkst and 108 (Nomas bakficka). In Cannes there is this amazing pizzeria along the water that you think is filled with tourists but it is not; Le Vesuvio. So cozy and tasty.

I do not eat fish often, but this ceviche is exquisite. In Mexico at a beach.

Agrikultur in Vasastan

If we leave Europe and go to New York, there are a lot of great places. Acme is really good. The Standard Grill as well. If you want to spot celebrities The Waverly Inn is perfect. In Dubai, many popular restaurants might not have the best food, but the ambiance is pleasant and festive; Catch, Zuma and Nobu. The best food I have ever eaten in Dubai was from a fast-food truck in Old Town, a chicken Shawarma. In Hong Kong I could eat at The Grassroot every day for the rest of my life.

… I texted this person that I have spent a lot of time with lately and asked if ”he had any food pictures for my blog post”. I got this one from the hot dot kiosk at Östermalm at 02.30am this summer, hehe. I can however tell you that I ordered a very tasty vegetarian hot dog after a lot of dancing. 🙂 My next food trip will be South Africa, the idea was to go there over New Years Eve this year but we chose the Maldives instead. I need six calm off-days.

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