Decorating the Christmas tree

Oh, this afternoon will be in my heart for a long time. Gillis and I picked up Sally at half past one, back at home again there was Christmas music, glögg, gingerbread cookies and we decorated our Christmas tree. The children wanted to wear their Lucia-costumes while we were doing it, so we took the opportunity to practice for Lucia next week. I tried to feel if it would be a sting in my heart by the fact that I am doing the Christmas decorations with the children alone for the first time. The sting never came. I tried think about last year’s Christmas to sort of irritating the heart, but I ended up feeling ” God, no it is so nice to be alone. I will handle this splendidly”.

I was prepared to feel sad. That would not have been strange at all. But it comes and goes and today was a strong and good one.

Sally wanted to be lucia the rest of the evening. Here we are laying puzzles on the ipad.

This year I have finally realized that you are supposed to by lucia clothes in a size too big so that it fits over the winter overall. It took me four years as a parent. On lucia this year, Gillis won’t have to here me saying ”Sure, if you pull down the overall just a bit, everyone can se that you are a Santa-elf, I promise.

For dinner I had seaweed noodles with tofu, curry, mango and cashews on a bed of spinach. The children had sausage stroganoff but with soy sausage, cream from oats. Vegan for all of us. We have played some, we invented a ballgame, we’ve been doing some arts and crafts, dancing and we ended the evening by the kitchen’s bar stools. There we ate apple bits with almond butter. Very cozy. The children fell asleep at eight and then I called Pingis for a quick meeting, we call each other 2-3 nights a week to go over the things we didn’t have time for during business hours. Now I will go through my e-mail and finish off with some 5- minute mediation, I sit on my yoga mat and just breath. If the thoughts will run off I just keep on counting my breaths. Have a nice evening!

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