Stureplan 6

… And then it’s time for a new chapter in our entrepreneurial journey with a new office (or a second one, Flattered is using the other one). A lot happened during the year we sat in our office in Sturegallerian so I am very excited to see what is going to happen this coming year. But hopefully we will be able to sit here for at least 2-3 years. We will not recruit staff to the same extent in the coming years, maybe 7-8 people (right now LCC is looking for a Social Media Content Creator and a Business Controller, read more here) and right now we focus on export and launching in other countries.

It is 300 sqm spread over two large rooms and six smaller rooms. I sit together with Pingis and my right hand Simon. In connection to our room, is a smaller room without windows and a bathroom. We will decorate that room and keep some of my clothes there. It will look amazing when it is ready. Wonderful to sit at the top and recieve all that light. I recorded a little on my Instastory if you would like to see it. Now the team and I are going to have some coffee and tonight I host an event at Babyshop at 5-7pm. Great!

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