My Monday evening

I was working and had a staff meeting with LCC until 5 pm, then I ran down to Babyshop to have an event with them. That turned into two hours with shopping at a discount, christmas music (live) and glögg with all the christmas treats. Very cozy. I have received some comments concerning the fact that I publicly mention the time and place for the event, which gives any potential funny figure the opportunity to show up. But this is something I have to do when I’m having an event. My security guard was with me the whole time and later drove me home.

I threw together a dinner with ruccola, spinach, tofu, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, some pesto and healthy seeds. Now I have some work to attend to before reading in bed. Max Tegmar’s new book is fantastic, I have been longing all day to crawl into bed just to keep on reading it. I am bit extra happy with the chocolate I bought yesterday. Not exactly too bad for Monday evening. Tomorrow I am picking up the children. One thing is certain, if I did not have my job, my separation would definitely have been harder. Being able to always have something to do have certainly made this situation easier, otherwise the loss would be present constantly.

By the way, I noticed that many people strongly reacted to that I wanted to invest in a company within transgenics of embryos. They have already started to perform them and it is legal in some countries, it is called PGD or PGS (preimplantation genetic diagnosis or screening, I am not sure which shortening is the right one). The main purpose is to discover severe heritable diseases. In some countries you can even choose which gender your child will be. I understand that this is a question that raises a lot of emotions. When the KUB-test came that could show the probability for chromosomic error, it was also seen as controversial and a lot of people would not allow it. For me it’s not about right or wrong. My thoughts around this is that you as a parent should get the opportunity to choose or not to choose severe disease that you already know have afflicted your family. There is nothing positive about cancer, alzheimer etc. and if it were possible to deselect it at the embryo stage, I would have done it.

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