My failures

Door number four in Kajson’s calendar: ”A failure in life

One? Plenty!

… I started my first webshop Bellme, worked hard with it for two years during high school. Got it up to a seven million SEK turnover but on the day I wanted to sell it to the other partners I received zero SEK thanks to bad agreements. That was something I had not really thought about at the age of 17. Work for nothing? No, I learned a lot about e-commerce, purchase behaviours and what a good agreement is. All that has been incredibly useful for me today.

… All these amazing but crazy dates over the years. Like the financer who, during the main course, asked med to stand up so he could take a look at my hips and decide whether they were broad enough for childbirth. Do I even have to tell you that I took my leave…

Me and Ebba von Sydow, who was a role model of mine for many years. Here on the cover of my own magazine Egoboost..

… When I received an offer to lecture at Brown University but flew to the wrong side of the United States. No wonder I could not find the taxi that morning.

… All 40-50 (!) driving lessons it took for me to get my driver’s license. Oh my God.

…When I had just gotten into Lorange Institute of Business to read a MBA in Zürich and listened to ”real estate” without understanding what it meant. Then I got a question and made a complete fool of myself because I pretended to understand. Oh, how I remember the lecture’s facial expression. That moment left a mark in me, after that I have always asked if there is something that I don’t understand. Never waste time just sitting there. That in turn has helped me ask the right questions during my years as an investor. If it is not clear to me, it is not clear to the client either.

… All the times when I have recruted friends/family to my companies. Note to self: that does not work. But if all agreements are waterproof? Nope. No. Never.

…To have the wrong timing. And even worse, to know it is the wrong timing. Like when I started my magazine in 2011 in a time where it is incredibly difficult to start a magazine. It would have worked if I had a big financer at my back and big distribution channels. But I probably lost a quarter of a million SEK over the years. But I have learned the importance of timing. Something that I today would say is my strength as entrepreneur and investor.

Other things that I have learned over the years is to invest in companies that could have been your own, you must be passionate about it. Not only look good on paper. Spread your risks, I have always had a company that has gone bad and some companies that have gone well and usually it varies. However, I have always been able to take out salaries from at least one of them, which has helped a lot. Pingis and I did not take out salaries from LCC the first three years, that money went into hiring staff. That gave us a head start. I have also made the mistake to work with people that are too much like me and vice versa, with my opposites. The best thing about recruitment is to find people who have the same values as yourself and similar view on goals and rate of work. They also need to have a high integrity and stand up for themselves and the company.

But the most important lesson in life is probably the relationship with myself and choosing my battles every day mentally. If I am to get through life at the pace I want to, I need to be my own best friend. I can not afford to doubt my abilities or brood over that I did not have time to work out, said the wrong word during and interview in English or regret that I chose this blouse. I must always choose carefully what I think and back myself up in everything. Otherwise I will not have the energy to make my everyday life work.

  1. Älskar det här inlägget!
    Viär väldigt olika och jag har inte alls samma mål som dig i livet men jag finner trots det din blogg väldigt inspirerande och bra. Följer dig flitigt!

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