Gillis turns 4 today!

In partnership with Jollyroom

Today my darling Gillis turns four years old! OMG, time really has flown by. We have celebrated this morning with lots of singing and lots of pressies. Sally and I sneaked downstairs at 8am-ish and pretended we needed a glass of water. They both thought that was absolutely hilarious, then Sally and I sorted out a breakfast tray and gifts and then we sneaked upstairs again to sing Happy Birthday. He got two presents in bed and the rest waited for him on the kitchen table:

… or actually, there was one gift that was waiting in the garage. Because it was a little bit too big for me to put in the kitchen.

His expression of sheer bliss when he pulled the blankets to one side and found a black electric car underneath. Wow!

Apart from that, he got walkie-talkies, some bath toys, a radio-controlled car, games, stickers and puzzle books to learn everything from numbers to English. All of this has been ordered from Jollyroom. I’ve been ordering all the children’s toys there for years. They have such a vast range that I know I’ll find everything I need there, which helps me to be super efficient.

After breakfast we went outside to play with the electric car and take it for a premier spin! Gillis also loved the fact that we can charge our cars next to each other.

Jacket from JOTT, shoes from Inuikki 

And full steam ahead round the neighborhood. We’re having a party shortly and 7 of Gillis’ friends will come home to us to celebrate with him. We’re having the same special guest and idol from last year…. 🙂

In partnership with Jollyroom

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