A nightmare

It’s difficult to focus 100% on work when there is a lot going on in your personal life. You know that I sometimes mention that I receive threats. It’s something that comes and goes, and it has been that way for some years now. I am going through one of those tough periods now. Last Friday night when I was at the ice hockey match, I received a call from the security company I work with telling me that a situation had occurred. So, before I picked the kids up on Saturday, we had to go through my safety routines. I have a secure home, an alarm system and at times I have a guard with me. I might as well be open about it because when we are dealing with something else than just the ”regular weirdo”, I want them to know that I am the wrong person to mess with.

I have had a hard time focusing since last Friday, it’s inhumane to live under circumstances like these. It’s a stress that permeates everything I do and it makes me distracted and easily annoyed. The kids are with their dad, I have company at home this week and I work closely with the security company. We are doing all that we can right now. I can’t just take a break and go on a trip somewhere, and I don’t want to. I have companies to run and I must be allowed to do that. But, if the blog posts are somewhat less personal right now, you know why. I am doing my best. Sometimes I wonder how much a person can cope with, if it’s not a divorce, it’s someone that wants to hurt me.

Jacket Ivy & Oak (adlink), blouse Mayla, jeans Toteme (adlink) and shoes Flattered

Morning meeting with Hermine who is LCC’s digital manager. It’s so great to have her on our team after working for 25 years at Elle. Hermine brings new approaches every day on content and everything creative. I love working with talented people like her.

  1. You´re such a strong woman! People can be so dumb. I hope this threat-phase will be over soon, have a great day anyways, hugs from Germany!

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