Care of a sick child (VAB)

Sally was not quite well last night so I decided to stay at home with her today. No fever fortunately, but she’s still unwell. She is feeling better today, but I don’t think that she would have managed a full day (8.30am-4pm) at daycare. I asked Gillis what he wanted to do and he wanted to spend time with us. I had to cancel the press lunch today and reschedule a few meetings, and I will miss the Mama gala. But I did not intend to go anyway. After a week without the kids I don’t feel like having a baby sitter here. When Gillis was younger, I got a bad conscience when I had to reschedule meetings because I needed to stay at home and take care of him. Today that’s no big deal. That’s life and everything can be rescheduled. I love my job, it’s my biggest passion, but I do have a quite relaxed attitude about it. I am not a person that feels bad if I do not perform or a person that dwells over matters. I work this way because it’s so much fun.

You sometimes ask me about who is helping me with the pictures for the blog. Since the divorce when my ex husband moved out, I have had help here at home. Making life work with the house, the kids and the companies that are growing rapidly (almost 100 millions in turnover for my three and forty employees), is not possible. This way I can spend my time and energy on my kids and my job. Now we are going out for some air. By the way, tonight at 8pm the first episode of my online series will be available here on the blog. So exciting! Have a lovely Monday 🙂

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