Shoes and ice hockey

Last night was great fun! Talk about contrasts, from a night flight from Riyadh to ice hockey in the Globe. Nicole and I met up at 4pm to go to the store Jackie in Fältöversten mall. Inuikii hoasted an event there and I took the opportunity to show Flattered as well. I am so impressed by the staff at Jackie, the company is growing at record speed. Then I could not help falling in love with everything they sell, a coat from Max Mara especially caught my eye. Do you remember my gray one that disappeared in the move from town? Anyways, now I bought a black and amazing one. However, I did not think about where I was going afterwards, a hockey game with beer and popcorn it is not the best place to be for a new coat of that kind. The coat made it through the game though. Phew!

When we got to the Globe, Nicole’s Peter met up with us, and I got a chance to say hi to Joe Sakic. Afterwards we had dinner and went down to the ice to see the game. What an ambiance! I am no fan of ice hockey really, but this was very exciting. After the game we went to Grand hotel for a drink.

…today I am going to pick the kids up, yay!

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