Our Saturday together

I received a feverish Sally today, she has wanted to be close to me all day. I have made smoothies and given her some ice cream for the sake of hydration. Gillis would probably have liked to be more active today but he had to stay home for Sally’s sake. We have played with cars, painted, practiced English and read a book about birds and looked them up on YouTube afterwards. The woodpecker and the buzzard were our favorites.

As early as 4pm we put on our pajamas and snuggled up on the sofa. We took out the ice cream and brought our duvets downstairs. A very cozy day and evening despite the fever. The kids are asleep now and I have poured myself a glass of red wine and made some popcorn with truffle oil. Now I am going to work for a while and after that I will do some reading and watch the documentary about Diana on Netflix.

Have a nice Saturday!

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