New lamps

In partnership with Sävedalens Belysning

Oh, how lovely it was to wake up in my own house this morning. I love living here, especially since I have made the house feel more like us (the kids and I).

The stairs have gotten a new look. Slippers from Flattered.

The lamp has been switched to one from Sävedalens Belysning (adlink). I love it, it fits perfectly. I want more of a hotel feeling in the house regarding decor. Now the upstairs is more like than and the downstairs is more minimalist. Slowly but surely changes are happening. It is becoming more snug and cozy.

My WIC has gotten new spotlights (adlink)

I went on a long nice walk this morning. Then I made a salad with hazelnut tofu (from Astrid & Aporna) and spinach, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and avocado. Now I am going to pick up my beloved kids. My heart is pounding and it feels like it is beating extra hard because I miss them so much. Last time I saw them was a week ago. Now, a cozy Saturday with books and a lot of cuddles awaits.

In partnership with Sävedalens Belysning

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