Beauty pit stop at home

We landed at 6.30am. I bought myself a strong cappuccino with oat milk and jumped into the taxi that was waiting for me. I went home, threw my clothes off, ran a hot bath, put on a face mask and lit some candles. I turned on an episode of the podcast ”Veckans Bläcka” and slid into the warm water. I got a flashback from the last time I listened to Veckans Bläcka. I was walking about Kungsholmen with a newborn Sally. I was married and lived in a maisonette that I loved. Now my life is completely different. It is sad and wonderful at the same time. It is so strange that you can feel those feelings at the same time.

When you have a busy period like this your soul can’t quite keep up with you. That is why I like to come home after a long trip and try to physically and mentally understand that I am ”home again”. During the first minutes of Veckans Bläcka I got nervous that I would turn sad thinking of all these memories. That sometimes happen when something reminds you of a certain period of time. I listened to my body, felt a little sting, but then it went away and I laughed with Jennie and Karin.

Shower Oil from LCC, bathing products from Bamford. I love everything peppermint.

With a mud mask that I am trying from one of our factories. My skin always gets bad after a flight and now I have made four trips in five days. I removed my make-up last night and generously applied serum and a moisturizing face mask from LCC. The one above is more cleansing and calming. Now I am going to answer some emails, make lunch and then go to the office at 1pm. Tonight I am going to a ice hockey game with Nicole and Peter, it will be fun! But before that I will be attending an event at the store Jackie, both Nicole and I sell our shoes there.

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