The Swedish Embassy

I have so much to tell you but I don’t know where to start. Swedish Beauty had an event yesterday at the Swedish Embassy and it was such a success! Much more intimate than in Dubai and everyone attending the event were so nice. Nobody wanted to leave so the event lasted longer than expected, which meant I got a chance to talk to everyone. I met some amazing women. One of them was the first building engineer in Saudi, another was from the royal family, some ran their own businesses (often in the fashion industry) and many worked with events and social media.

I am really impressed with the country and I my picture of it has changed a great deal. Five years ago no woman in this country was allowed to work. Should you buy underwear, make-up or get your nails done, there were only men in the shops/salons. That was how it started, the women grew tired and started to make a change. In Sweden we see Saudi as a backward country, but being here as a Swede gives you a new perspective of things. I see a country that has developed tremedously in a short amount of time. Saudi has the highest number of female PhD’s in the world. Also, I have never before seen that such big companies integrate social media to this extent. I leave impressed and I would love to come back!

The whole Swedish team at the Embassy

With Jan Knutsson, the ambassador in Riyadh

… This morning we had a big meeting at Whites Pharmacy. It is the most exclusive pharmacy group in Saudi:

It was a very successful meeting. I bought a lot of local brands to take home with me. Exciting. Now we are going to the airport! We will fly to Dubai first, stay there for a few hours and then board our overnight flight to Sweden. Thank you, Business Sweden and Faisal for a great trip, both for LCC as the timing is perfect for a Swedish company to establish here, but this trip has also meant a lot to me personally. I have memories that will last me a lifetime and seeing the world makes me more open and hopefully also a better role model to my kids.

  1. Dear Isabella, We at GHC and it’s retail most exciting beauty chain “White “are pleased meeting you and rest of the team.
    Whites is most iconic national retail brand with an international feel and look.
    Thanks for visiting our flagship store and giving us opportunity to walk you thru most fascinating beauty oasis in Riyadh with an amazing assortment related to the beauty of women and entire family. The passion and creativity behind our success and our customers are fueling our consistency to promote brands like your own.
    Kind Regards,
    Mohammed Almashjari
    Group Commercial Director

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