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Good morning to you!

It always feels a bit dreamy to enter the office of Flattered. New shoe models that look amazing to me are being polished to perfection. Flattered is growing rapidly and in August we hired a new designer who has worked for Filippa K Women Wear/Soft Sport and before that was a designer at H&M. Anna is super-talented, which really helps us with the continuation of developing Flattered and our shoes when we’re expanding. Next year we’re going to work a great deal with pumps and boots, an area where we really can grow. We’re no longer a ballerina brand, but rather a full range brand.

Here we have a few moodboards that are hanging on our wall. Next year Flattered are going to collaborate with influencers all over the world. Working with Michaela Forni was such a success. Soon Emilia de Porets’ heel will be launched. I’m also going to make a shoe which I’m very excited about! First I thought I’d make a boot, but then I changed my mind. It’ll be a Isabella-heel, a perfect shoe for work that is so comfortable that I can travel in them, attend an event or meeting, and then fly home without having sore feet. That’s the goal.

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