October reading list

Hi! As you read a lot of books, it would be very interesting and fun if you, for example, each month wrote a list of the books you’ve read and what you would recommend. I myself read quite a lot and I’m always looking for book tips. Of course you could also recommend books that you’ve read a long time ago and that you feel are relevant and/or has made an impact on you.

Answer: I usually read lots of books and on average I read two per week. Here is the October list: A poetry book called Mjölk och Honung (Milk and Honey) by Rupi Kaur. Even though I felt like I was a little bit too old to appreciate it fully, it contained some beautiful lines that I remember still. Rum by Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund. The prequel ”Tid” was better, but it’s definitely worth reading. I binge read Alibaba’s World by Porter Erisan, very interesting reading about the world’s biggest e-commerce.

Rupi Kaur, Mjölk och Honung (Milk and Honey)

I’ve read a book by Katarina Gospic about leadership called Neuroledarskap. It tought me a great deal. Ivanka Trump’s Women who work, but I didn’t actually finish it. A book about meditation called Viloläge by Magnus Fridh. I actually gave that one to a lady on the Paris – Stockholm flight because she scolded me for going to the bathroom too often (twice in one hour). ”Are you ten years old or what!?”, she hissed at me, and she continued ”I can’t work when you run about like that.” So, I gave her the book and said ”You need it more than I do.” I have not decided on what to read next month, but I’m leaning towards poetry.

Hello from the office. I’m really tired today, you can see that in my eyes. It’s strange to me because I’ve slept 8 hours, and I usually only sleep for 5-6 and still make it through my day. Now I’m off to a late lunch meeting with an investment bank and later a LCC product meeting before I pick up the kids.

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