Natural Cycles at Apoteket AB

– I partnership with Natural Cycles –

Since the start, Natural Cycles has been sold online, which has been perfect as it simplifies things for anyone who want to use the app. You sign up, download the app and receive the thermometer in your mailbox – even people that, for different reasons, haven’t had access to birth control. It feels especially important and relevant in these political times when many see their rights and opportunities withdrawn. When I visited Poland last Monday I was told that the laws on abortion are much stricter than they are here in Sweden. Today it’s only allowed to do an abortion if you have been raped or been subjected to incest, if the fetus has very serious injuries or if the woman’s life is in danger. To hear that made me so sad.

But, that wasn’t what I was going to tell you today. What I meant to write was that Natural Cycles will soon be sold in store – namely at Apoteket AB. I know, thanks to Löwengrip Care & Color, the strict quality controls Apoteket has. They only allow products that they can stand behind and that meet their requirements, and therefore they have scrutinized Natural Cycles thoroughly. For those of you that still aren’t certain about Natural Cycles being the right option for you, now you have the opportunity to visit one of Apoteket AB’s stores for counseling. Great!

– In partnership with Natural Cycles –

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