After many fast-paced years, a stomach ulcer and two young children, I am very good at knowing what my body needs and listening to those signals. I know you see me pushing on, full steam ahead all the time, but I always make sure I take time out to recuperate. My life wouldn’t be feasible otherwise as my body simply wouldn’t be able to cope. Last week I rushed around on business trips, 24 hours in Warsaw and a really intense schedule in Paris. Then I recorded another episode for my YouTube series and I also had the Halloween party here at home. So now I have made sure I look after myself and chill out, my body needs balance and I am tired. So I’ve poured myself a bath with a few droplets of peppermint oil and will soak in the tub now when the kids are in bed and then I’ll snuggle down into bed too and read for a while. I have Joakim Lundell’s book called Monster and the new issue of Family Living, which is as much information as my brain can absorb right now. Sheer enjoyment.

I wearing my cashmere bathrobe over my PJs and a cup of mint tea, so cozy. I look forward to the kids tiptoeing into my bedroom in a few hours. To have a warm, little body snuggling up on either side of me in bed is just lovely. Really makes my mommy heart melt. But anyway, don’t forget to listen to what your body is saying, make a habit of scanning your body on a daily basis and plan your time and measures according to what your body needs. This is not selfish, this is an investment into sustainability. The sustainable you. Big hugs to you and have a great evening!

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