Our evening at home

The children and I have had a nice, cozy afternoon. We’ve played in my walk-in closet, had dinner, had a bath, played memory together on the iPad, read some books, played with some wooden dolls and done some drawing and coloring in too. I am so happy to have them here with me. I’ve showed them some pics from Halloween too, only me in my outfit of course, and none of the scary masquerade outfits. Gillis eyes literally turned into saucers, then he smiled and said ”Oh wow, just imagine. Sometimes you’re a supermom when we’re not here.”

I let him believe that…

I always change into other clothes and remove my makeup when I get home. The skin needs a rest from makeup. Put some white leisure wear on that’s in wool and comes from Hanro of Switzerland and fluffy ballerina pumps from Flattered. It is really cold in here today, so I think it’s time to turn the central heating up. We have district heating, which is great, simple to use and always works really well.

I passed the NK shop in central Stockholm last weekend and I stocked up on lots of new tea varieties. Lots of different green teas and a herbal variety with mint too. I’m going to work for a little while and then snuggle down in bed and read. That’s my favorite, and best way of winding down.

But the way, I love when my colleagues end up being featured in interviews. I want them to see me and my companies as a form of trampoline that will help them build their own brands. In www.elle.se today, you can read about Emma, who started out as a nanny at our house and then got the job of Branding & Business development manager. Emma developed and designed my new platform, which will be launched soon, and the YouTube concept ‘A Question of Success’ too. She’s such a smart cookie. Now she is about to start her own business so that she can help other companies with the same sort of thing.

I’m so proud of her! 

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