Monday morning! Woke up happy and excited. Also, I’m picking up the kids today, of whom I’ve been longing for so much. I’ve just had a morning meeting with my team and talked about what we’re going to do this week. It’ll be a quiet week because of the fall holiday. For me that means more hours at the office, which is always welcome. On Sunday I’ll be flying to Dubai with Pingis. We’re going to meet with future retailers and we have an event in Riyadh with Löwngrip Care & Color. A big step for us as a company. It’s so cool that we last year set a goal that we were going to grow in other countries, and this year is the first year that we do activities and meet with retailers all over the world. This year we’ve been in Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, France and now Saudi. There is a lot of trial an error, we try different strategies where we hire locally (in Saudi we have the talented Sanna), but we have also worked with bigger distributors. We haven’t found the golden mean yet, but we are learning as we move forward.

Now I’m off to my next meeting, but first I thought I’d tell you that the latest book Pingis and I have written is out. Unfortunately the book was written during the toughest time for me with the divorce and everything surrounding it. That period of time is very blurry to me. In retrospect I can’t see how I managed to go through with the interviews with out co-writers. I cried in my car on my way over there every morning. I dried my tears and collected myself. I should have told them that I needed to postpone the project, but there was an agreement with the publisher that I had to consider. I never want my personal life to affect my job but sometimes I’ve got to realize that I’m human. Sorrow demands to be felt. After the book I did pull on the breaks and I’ve chosen to postpone several projects that aren’t core business-related. It’s hard to say no, but it’s much wiser in the lon grun.

  1. Tatjana skriver:

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