Halloween 2017

In partnership Törnell & Bar, Premium DJ:s and Matsällskapets Catering & Event

I love hosting Halloween parties. It has become a tradition for me now and the party grows bigger each year. This time I had 80 guests in my house. To have a homeparty-feel makes everything more intimate and it also allows me to set the rules. No club rules here. As usual, I’m very good at outsourcing, otherwise it wouldn’t work with my tight schedule. I had an amazing team assisting me last night, Ida who was the project leader and then three girls who helped with wardrobe and serving during the evening. In addition to that, I had also booked a DJ, photographer Josefin and two awesome bartenders. That, plus the best guests ever, makes for a great party!

In honor of the night I chose to be Wonder Woman. Emelie was at my house before the party and helped me put make-up on to make it look like I had been in a battle. Fun. The costume is bought on Ebay.

Wonder Woman isn’t fond of Mr Trump

To have our own bar made the night extra special. Before the party we decided on five cocktails that the guests could choose from. A classic GT, but also fall inspired drinks with pumpkin, great fun. Next to me I have Lowe and Sebastian from Törnell & Bar. The guys were amazing to work with, I warmly recommend them.

When the guests arrived they were greeted by a graveyard, and if you look closely you can see that it’s actually crosspieces from my windows. Perfect as crosses! We had made the garage into a wardrobe, so that’s where the guests left their coats and received their welcome drink.

I had also ordered vegetarian finger food for all the guests from Matsällskapet Catering & Event. It was quite the challenge to find a caterer that had a good vegetarian menu, many are boring and have too much salad. What I appreciated with Matsällskapet is that they offered proper food, which you need on a long night like this. At 1am we served coffee and wraps, much appreciated.

No party is complete without a photo-booth (in my hallway)! Here with Hermine, who is an employee at LCC. Earlier, editor in chief of Elle, an amazing competence to have in our company.

Here is the DJ! Alexander from Premium Dj:s. I only wished for music that people would recognize. We got a mixture of hip hop and famous hits. The dancing began at 9pm and did not end until 2am, great fun. The best part of hiring a DJ is that he/she adapts to the ambiance and can control the tempo of the evening. It’s very cool.

Hello guests! Johanna, Richard, the Lagergren twins and Ibbe.

During the evening three trophies were distributed, best dressed man/woman and couple.

My porch had been clad with a party tent and infrared heat, there were guests everywhere.

Beer pong was very popular!

Photographer Josefin Hellgren

The evening was filled with laughter and dancing, so successful and I’m already looking forward to next year! What amazing friends, neighbors, colleagues and team I have. It means a lot to me.

In partnership with Törnell & Bar, Premium DJ:s and Matsällskapets Catering & Event

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    Drömfest ju! 😍 Vilka vann bästa utklädnad?

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