Soon transformed into a haunted house

Dropped the children off at Odd’s at 4pm. Three days pass really quickly. It is sad that time flies when they’re with me, but that also makes it bearable when I only have to cope for three days without them. From that perspective, this setup is working fine. Worked for a while after they’d gone and now I’m declaring weekend! I can’t spend any time downstairs though, because the house is being turned into a haunted house with lost of ghostly effects and the sofas and coffee table are gone. I’m having a big Halloween party tomorrow and I really cannot wait. It will be amazing, so much fun. About 80 people, a mix of friends, neighbours and colleagues. I’ve booked a DJ, a bartender, catering and the porch is all covered with a big gazebo and heaters. I’m dressing up too, of course, but I won’t show you how until tomorrow. I’m so excited!

Can’t remember when I had prawns last! Sometimes Toast Skagen is just delicious. Happy Friday to you and have a great evening 🙂

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