– In partnership with American Express –

I really love to travel and today I’m in Paris, such a magical place to be during the fall season. I’m traveling almost 150 days per year now when we’re growing globally with Löwengrip Care & Color, which is great fun and very exciting. To be able to visit places like Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia together with one of my companies is a dream come true and a goal accomplished. Another goal is to go on a LCC tour in all the European countries and talk about our products. These trips are where I gather inspiration and new ideas. I know that there are many of you readers that also like to travel and discover new parts of the world. Therefore I would like to remind you about AmEx’s amazing card SAS Classic. Every time you make a purchase with the card you gather EuroBonus-points that you can use when you’re traveling with SAS.

I think that it’s great that while you’re spending money on everyday purchases such as food and clothes you can get something back. The SAS EuroBonus-system is clever in that way that you earn points on every purchase. Also, if you spend 100.000 SEK in a calendar year, as a customer you receive a voucher that you can use to book a 2 for 1 EuroBonus-trip through Europe, and you can spend that money on something fun to do on the trip instead.

(Please consider that this is a credit card, but if you pay the full invoice every month there’s no interest. AmEx will send your invoice at the end of every month with a summary of your purchases. Otherwise the interest is 15,99% per year. For example, if you use the full credit score of 95 000 SEK within 12 months, the interest is 18,10% (May, 2017).)

– In partnership with American Express –

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